A downloadable game for Windows

DroneSwarm is a top-down shmup, made for a competition held on Shmup-dev.com in 2007.



MoveArrowsLeft stick
ShootZ or Y
Button 1
Freeze/Unfreeze drones
XButton 2 or 3
Detonate drones
Hold X
Hold button 2 or 3

How to Play

  • Shoot enemies to score points. Kill an entire wave of enemies for a large points bonus.
  • Hitting enemies and blocking bullets with your drones increases your Efficiency. Missed shots decrease it.
  • When you fill your Efficiency meter you gain a level and are awarded an additional drone.
  • Detonate your drones to destroy large enemies quickly for a higher score.

There is only 1 level. This is the first game I programmed myself, it was made in about 6 weeks.

Platform: Windows
Engine: Torque Game Builder
Input: Keyboard or Gamepad
Price: Free


Made by monoRAIL (Conor O'Kane)
Created with Torque Game Builder by Garagegames, and netMercs CodeWeaver. Thanks to Sam Bacsa/netMercs Group.
Special thanks to: Everyone at shmup-dev, the Garage Games community, Play-Asia, Project Arcade, Cosmigo, Game Tunnel, Delgine.

Published 15 days ago
TagsShoot 'Em Up, Side Scroller


DroneSwarm_0.1.9.zip 18 MB

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